The Summer King

the summer king actual front cover

Joanna Preston

The Summer King: Poems

(Otago University Press, 2009)

ISBN 978 1 877372 69 8

Hardback, 210 x 140 mm, 80 pp

rrp: NZ$29.99

Technical skill, originality, verve, wit and humanity …


Fleur Adcock

judge of the 2008 Kathleen Grattan Award for Poetry

A fine and fierce first book.


Gillian Clarkethe summer king actual back cover

Her ear is attuned, her eye is sharp, and her taste is assured.
Add to this a mordant wit and a gift for imagery that is at once startling and right, and you have a writer whose work in turn moves, surprises and delights.

James Norcliffe

Poised and sensual poetry, with unsettling energies always threatening to break the subtle surface.

Philip Gross

The Summer King is available online through, The Book Depository (UK), and (USA). (Listed but not yet in stock at &

Or support the independants and ask your favourite bookshop to order it for you – Otago University Press titles are distributed by:

International Specialized Book Services Inc in the USA

Gazelle Book Services in the UK.

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3 Replies to “The Summer King”

  1. I wanted to buy “The Summer King” and have recommended that my local library buy a copy, but fishpond have no more copies!!! Are they still being printed?

    1. Hi Belinda,
      yes, there are plenty of copies – no idea why Fishpond are saying that!

      If they’ve run out of copies in their warehouse, it’ll just be a matter of 24 hrs to get new stock couriered up from Dunedin. It may be that they’re waiting for more people to order copies before they do. (The intricacies of e-commerce are beyond me!)

      Either way, I’ll get my publisher to give them a prod. Sorry you’ve had to wait.

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